As a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization, we encourage financial gifts, believing that people who find value in the work we do will sustain the enterprise, allowing us to pass our creative expression to the next generation. 

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Our Founders and Volunteers

Our founders are Rev. Fred Hutchinson and Dr. Ruth Bishop, a husband and wife team. Fred grew up in a family letterpress business in Fall River, Massachusetts and began setting hand type as a six year old in 1953. Ruth, a letterpress enthusiast, manages the education program.

Stephanie and Craig Christensen of Auburn, Washington, provide typesetting services for the museum and are on the Board of Directors.

David Geho, owner of Valley Web Systems, maintains our web sites, and serves on our board of directors. David lives in Yakima.

Scott Hilliard and Rich Walker, both of Yakima, serve as members of the board.

We are all volunteers and continue to seek out committed people to join us in our endeavors.


Your Tax Deductible donation helps us offset our operating expenses and enables us to continue sharing this lost art with the current and future generations.


Donations of ANY amount are greatly appreciated.


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