Having more space will enable the museum to accomdate more equipment, and larger tour groups.
Are you able to offer skilled building trades, labor, materials, or other expertise?
Please CONTACT US to learn how you can help.

All Categories of Museum Expansion Campaign donations, or other types of assistance will receive a "Raise the Roof" T-Shirt
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"Raise the Roof" Museum Expansion Campaign

Raise the Roof

We are planning to expand our current museum space by 33% to enable enhanced programming, as well as the addition of a proof press and more classroom space.

Proposed Expansion

There are many opportunities at a variety of levels to help make this project a reality.

Raise the Roof Basic Sponsorship: $35

Buy a Building Block: $100

Help Build a Firm Foundation: $250

Help Raise the Roof: $500

Help Sponsor the New Studio: $1,000

Help Sponsor Power and Plumbing: $5,000

Naming of Studio Entrance: $10,000

Exclusive Naming of New Building: $25,000

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